Secrets of MEOW that you may not have expected!

Let’s find out the 5 secrets of your fur friend that you might have not expected!

Besides being cute, mischievous and playful, there are many secrets in cats. They have a long history of thousands of years, so many stories to discover and some remain secrets which some cat lovers may not know and do not expect at all. We now gather those secrets to reveal to everyone.

  • Different numbers of toes on the front and back feet

Take a look at your cat,  it has 5 toes on its front feet and only 4 on its back feet!

  • Cats can’t taste sweetness

Cats have no sweet buds on their tongue, so when cats eat sweets or foods that taste sweet, they cannot perceive the taste. When you hand them candy and see them licking, it’s because the smell of the candy but not the taste.

  • Pick up sound at ultrasonic level

A cat’s ear can hear high-frequency sounds at the ultrasonic level, which are frequencies that humans cannot perceive. Rodents such as mice use the same frequency of sound to communicate, and that’s why cats know where mice live and can easily catch it.

  • Only has 16 hours of memory

Cats can only remember what happened in the past 16 hours, and after 16 hours they will forget and remember nothing. But they all have better memory than dogs, because dogs only have a 5-minute memory.

  • No one in the world is allergic to cat fur

Some people’s allergic reactions to cats or allergies to cat fur are not actually caused by cat fur, but because of the hormones in the saliva on the hair. When cats lick their fur to clean themselves, this hormone stays on its fur and body, and people allergic to this hormone can cause allergic reactions when they touch the cat’s body or the cat’s fur.

Cats are tiny creatures that actually hold a lot of secrets and we believe that there are more to discover. If you know something more, please feel free to share with us.

credit: notey, ancientegyptonline, vetsallnatural, iheartcats, petful


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