About Us

Pet28 had served Hong Kong citizens for over a decade, it has been dedicated to building a harmonized community between humans and animals. As of March 2022, the Website will be modified to upgrade not only its outlook but also to encompass new content, such as pet insurance and solutions for emergency situations related to pets.

For Services, we extended our covered content to include pet cafes, pet hotels, pet funerals, pet medical, etc, in order to further fulfill our position and vision on building a massive online pet and human community.

We are also active in developing more technology projects such as point earn and award redeem video games and video-focused social networking service app. We hope this can connect more people around the globe in joining Pet28 and share their insight and love on animals despite their locations.

Please stay tuned!

If you need anything, feel free to contact us pet28@sevengoodlook.com or whatsapp 91978660.