Why is my dog snoring?

Sleeping in a bed with a dog isn’t for everyone

Have you ever heard your friend lying next to you Brr-Brr snoring?

Do you ever wonder why they snore while sleeping?

Just like with humans, snoring in dogs generally occurs when air movement is restricted in the nasal passageways or throat. Simply as the tongue can drop back towards the throat, blocking the breath from moving easily.

Although your dog’s snoring may be perfectly normal, as it turns out, you are right to be concerned. So if you’re wondering whether to take your snorer in to see the vet, here are some things you’ll want to know and might want to do to help.

Common reasons:

  • Dental issues
  • Obesity
  • A canine cold
  • The position in which they’re sleeping
  • Allergens (ie: cigarette smoke, certain foods)
  • A predisposition in certain breeds to snore
  • Blockage (ie: tumor or physically having swallowed something)
  • Medication (ie: muscle relaxers or pain killers)

It is still recommended to visit the VET IMMEDIATELY if you notice any abnormal snoring because some surgery might be required.

Nonetheless, some dogs are bred/ born to be like that, including Boxers, Spaniels, Pugs, Pekingese, or generally any dog with a shorter snout. PET4HOME says “ Because dogs such as these have such short muzzles and so, a very short soft palate, this generally leads to snoring caused by collapsed nostrils (Stenotic nares), an elongated soft palate, or eversion of the laryngeal saccules.” 

What could you do to help?

Same as humans, ask yourself what do you do when your partner wakes you up at night? It is indeed that you could not ask them to stop.

Solution you could try to help:

  • Try an air humidifier
  • Get a round bed for your dog to sleep on (the position will expand your buddy’s air passages)
  • Use a pillow to prop up your sleepy sidekick’s head while he rests
  • Switch up the rooms your buddy sleeps in

Credit: THE DOG PEOPLE;  Pets 4 Homes.

Picture by: Jim Pennucci, Volhard Dog Nutrition


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