CANADIAN COMPANIES in relation to the IMMIGRATION service organizes a recruitment of 273 employers in all fields of activity included the workforce to help every citizen who wants to work and live in Canada. seeking employment to improve and expand its commercial space in Canada. CONTACT WHATSAPP: (409) 449-4320   -27 drivers, at least 19 truck drivers -marketing for the promotion of products such as cereals, soaps and beverages-store and warehouse managers -girls for the promotion of beauty products and 100% feminine accessories in shops across Canada - virgiles, engineers, salespeople, security agents, cleaners, deliverymen, accountants, electricians, doctors Recruitment Criteria: -No degree required for certain positions. NB: limited number of places contact us by whatsapp today and start tomorrow -The salary ranges from $$ 1200 every 2 weeks SPECIAL CONDITIONS TO BE FULFILLED Be between 20 and 55 years old Be a BEPC, BAC or other Professional Diplomas Be of good character To be available to travel To speak French or English CV curriculum vitae The information officer. CONTACT WHATSAPP: (409) 449-4320 contact us by whatsapp if interested in the offer: +1 (409) 449-4320


  • 種類: 寵物用品
  • 地區: 堅尼地城 Kennedy Town
  • 商店地址: Canada